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September 1, 2024

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6612 Garners Ferry Rd,
Columbia, SC 29209

Walk In The Shoes Of Marriage



Marriage Is About Shoes

This book illustrates the necessity of aligning with God and how both people in a marriage can wear one pair of shoes. God created the institution of marriage, and He wants you to come together to fulfill the desires of His heart. He wants you to operate by His design. Your marriage will be blessed in doing so, and you will grow in the understanding of how to fulfill your purpose by wearing one pair of shoes. And you will also grow in love for each other!

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Learn How To Decode Your


New Release

Jesus Called You A Faith Genius 
(Decode Your Identity)

Your faith is not dumb or unwise. Your faith does not exist without the thoughts of CHRIST as it's foundation and source. You can outthink any situation with the thinking of GOD mixed with your faith. A believer has the potential to not just survive repeated attacks of the enemy but to completely destroy the attacks and flourish over them through GOD'S Genius. 

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Wells & Warriors
(Pt 1)

Wells and Warriors is a comic book and animated series created to empower youth in their identity, helping them overcome anxiety and purposelessness to discover their value, gifts, and God-given destiny. We desire to reach the youth with Biblical truths interwoven in comic drama, comedy, action mystery, and adventure. 

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