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Healing Hearts

Watch your heart heal as you experience GOD"S text messages that are designed just for you in our power up services.

Igniting   Lives

Experience GOD'S BOOM in your life at one of our upcoming events.

Empower your heart by one of our ministries below.

What are you listening to? Ear-Dive into this series and empower your faith, by hearing messages designed, for new champions.

GOD has more for you to receive. Learn how to expand your faith to hear, see & do more every Tuesday for only 15 minutes.

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4 More

Faith 4 More is a free 12 weeks online class designed to expand your faith into the more that God has for you to receive so that you can glorify JESUS, advance the kingdom of GOD and fulfill your destiny with power. 


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Hear It


See It


Do It


Multiply I

Mondays (9pm-9:20pm)

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Hear what you need to hear when you need to hear it. GOD has timely wisdom for every change & challenge, you will face on your faith journey.  

On Time-Blog 

Hear what you need to hear when you need to hear it. Our blog is deigned to give you a flow of timely biblical insights, that are applicable for the faith journey you live every day. 

Revolutionize your marriage with explosive teachings that will teach you how to connect your marriage to the kingdom of GOD.


Tuesdays 9pm-9:30pm (EST)

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Marriage Is About Shoes is designed to revolutionize your marriage to advance the kingdom of GOD. Your marriage has been given one pair of shoes for you and your spouse to walk in to fulfill your marriage purpose. There is no possible way for two people to walk in one pair of shoes without the purpose power of GOD. Walk with us through this faith provoking series and revolutionize your marriage.

Our comic will take you into the land of the imagrods, as they battle the majestic Malalaus to save all imagrods who are twenty years old & younger.

          Release Date


Wells and Warriors is an original creative work; a comic and animation series that will take us into the adventurous lives of the mysterious Imagegrods as they battle the mighty Malalaus. The chosen of the Imagegrods will have to overcome scandal, betrayal and being social outcasts to prevail against the onslaught that  Malalaus designed to steal their identity, capture their hearts and make them mindless slaves. This series will inspire, motivate and empower the next generation to confront their fears and conquer them as they pursue their destiny.


The “POWER Run Conference” is a movement designed to bring together dynamic ministries that are dedicated and equipped to address critical problems in communities.

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