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Help us educate incarcerated mothers with parenting and life skills to re-enter society with a plan of action, that will produce redemptive parenting. 

Over half (58%) of all women in U.S. prisons are mothers.

Male and female hands are handcuffed. The child's hand is holding on to the mother's finge

Figures To Consider



12 week courses conducted inside of Camile Gram Institution designed to educate & empower incarcerated mothers to develop a plan of action for reentering society, reconciling  with their children and redefining the future of their families

Training present and former incarcerated women to know the pulse of business, develop a business plan and enter the marketplace




A team of finance teachers that will train our students how to be financially establish.


A team of entrepreneurs that will train our students how to start

and maintain a thriving business.  


A team of mentors and

counsellors who can help our students mentally prepare for the challenges of parenting, family

and the pursuit  of destiny.  


A team of employers who

will give our students an opportunity to work and build wealth. 


A team of churches around

the world that will bring our students into their church

home and support their growth

as they pursue their destiny. 

Finance Teachers





Empower Mothers

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Your donations will help us fulfill our mission in reaching mothers in various hardships with critical tools that will empower them to overcome the spiritual & mental challenges they will experience  in their pursuit to be the mothers GOD has called them to be.

Light Attack

Help us be a light in a place where the enemy wants darkness to reign. We will support, develop and produce greart fruit to the glory of GOD with your help. Let's change families together by being a ministry of hope to mothers in hardship.

Support the mission by joining one of our teams, giving a donation and challenging a friend to join the mission. 

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