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About Fixers

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HEART EPOCHS FIXERS—Partners for Impact


Heart Epochs Fixers are ministry partners who collectively commit to the call, to go beyond measure to make positive impact for Christ.  As a Fixer, you will be part of a league of other Fixers to help build the ministry. Together committing to sustained support of Heart Epochs Ministries by sharpening your spiritual vision with prayer and training.  You will see the manifestation of your faithfulness as God moves to grow ministry so we can do our part to help transform our community, global outreach, and individual lives.

What Fixers Do

01. PRAY

Commit to a consistent prayer life and pray for unity and divine Providence for Heart Epochs Fixers and what the Heart Epochs Ministry has been called to be and do in Jesus’ name.

02. GIVE

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Commit to give consistent financial support, resources, time, and talents to help Heart Epochs Ministries move beyond measure to grow and increase the positive impact of winning souls for Christ. Share your ideas and know-how to help build and move the ministry forward.


Commit to attend and engage in monthly meetings (in-person for local, via video for global) that are designed especially for Fixers. Further commit to becoming part of a class to receive Epoch teachings and spiritual insights of the Word shared in over 500 live and video events to equip you to go into the world living, teaching, and preaching the gospel.

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Immediate Projects

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Fulfillment Center 
         Mark 4:30-32

We are called to build a place of worship, where believers of all ages will be empowered through worship, Biblical teaching and epoch training, to go beyond the measure of "can't” and do the unthinkable to accomplish what seems impossible.

The Center will consist of, but is not limited to:


-Media Studio

-Youth Create Space

-Kids Adventure Land


-Business Center 

-Technology Center

-Video Game Creation Room

-Epoch Lab

-Currency Development Zone

Power Run 300
              John 17

The “POWER Run Conference” is a movement designed to bring together dynamic ministries that are dedicated and equipped to address critical problems in communities such as abuse, addiction, depression, domestic violence, homelessness, poverty, child trafficking and other issues that obstruct the quality of life of families and communities. Moreover, as faith leaders and Fixers, this group is poised to help empower attendees to move from a state of brokenness to a new era where they are ready, willing, and able to fulfill their GOD-given destiny through the Grace Of CHRIST. Attendees will experience an atmosphere of solutions, faith empowerment, healing, the power of agreement between believers, and strategies of great advancement for their lives, families, organizations and communities. 

   Wells & Warriors
             Isaiah 60:22

Wells and Warriors is an original creative work; a comic and animation series that will take us into the adventurous lives of the mysterious Imagegrods as they battle the mighty Malalaus. The chosen of the Imagegrods will have to overcome scandal, betrayal and being social outcasts to prevail against the onslaught that  Malalaus designed to steal their identity, capture their hearts and make them mindless slaves. This series will inspire, motivate and empower the next generation to confront their fears and conquer them as they pursue their destiny.


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