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Help us empower youth to overcome anxiety, boredom, purposelessness & discover their value, gifts and destiny through sports, gaming, comics, arts, music & entertainment.

According to the latest data there are approximately 3.09 billion active gamers worldwide.

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Comic Book Series

Let's catch the imaginations of the next generation

Video Games

Let's create adventures that produce life changing moments through faith and fun

A facility that will serve as innovative space to

minister to the visions and dreams of the next generation, with relevant resources that will advance potential purpose & passion. 

Animated Series

Let's release the vision & potential of future heroes

Inventors, Investors and Innovators

Let's make instruments for geniuses to create and enhance their creations by sharing them with the world

A team of organizations, churches & schools  around the world that will host our youth empowering events




A team of artists around the world who will define the next era of comics 


A team of animators around the world who will bring visions and dreams to video screens  


A team of game developers

around the world who will produce a new era in video games 


A team of marketers from around the world who

will market the mission to make a new community of mission-minded people who desire to use their skills and knowledge to advance the purpose of empowering the youth through conventional and unconventional methods   


A team of event organizers who will implement the mission's purpose through astounding events that will excite and inspire the next generation

Comic Artists


Game Developer


Event Organizers

Empower Youth

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Your donations will help us fulfill the mission in reaching the next generation of young people with the critical tools that will empower them to overcome the spiritual & mental challenges they face in their generation. 

Wells and Warriors is an original creative work; a comic and animation series that will take us into the adventurous lives of the mysterious Imagegrods as they battle the mighty Malalaus. The chosen of the Imagegrods will have to overcome scandal, betrayal and being social outcasts to prevail against the onslaught that  Malalaus designed to steal their identity, capture their hearts and make them mindless slaves. This series will inspire, motivate and empower the next generation to confront their fears and conquer them as they pursue their destiny.

Support the mission by buying a comic book from our Wells & Warriors Series for your family, friends, school or church youth group. 

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