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Go & See

THE GREAT WRITER had ordained a search team who would expose the young boy to his own code of supply. Often we can be a solution for major problems and those problems can go unsolved for years because we have not been exposed to the data that has been written in the file of our hearts by The Great WRITER

. We can even suffer mentally, physically or spiritually in great affliction while the solution sits inside of us, screaming to be sent on assignment to overcome the affliction.

The Great Writer, standing in the middle of a food shortage, commanded a search team to go and find supply. He said to his team "Go and see what supply you can find." And the search led them to the young lad who was the only one in a crowd of thousands that had food. To the young lad's surprise, the small amount of food that he had in comparison to the crowd, would be used to solve the problem. On this day, he would discover the code of supply that The Great Writer had written inside of him.

(To be continued...)

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