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Your Epoch Download 2024

Starting April 3, 2024

1 Community

Receive 90 inspirational teachings for spiritual growth

Learn to hear God

Gain an understanding of your destiny 

2 Power-Packed
13-Week Experience

Engage in powerful and highly interactive training 

Apply Biblical truth to your faith pursuits 

Learn, support and grow with a community of believers 

3 Achieve
 Goals & Results

Assess and baseline where you are now 


Set growth goals and establish a plan to achieve

Track and measure progress; Get real-time answers to questions 

 $ 119 Registration Fee 

Build Your Dream Year Today!

$99 Registration Fee If Completed By December 15, 2023 

Sessions Begin on April 3, 2024

Designed for personal, family & corporate  success

Tested & Proven 
High-quality training

Documented successes and setbacks to help save time when creating your life map 

Don't Wait! Register TODAY!

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