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Prison Revivals

Made For Prisons Designed For People

We Brake
The Bondages Of False Identity   

This Is How We Do It


Black Marble

Phase 1

We help the incarcerated. see who They are Before The Next Count Time  

Who Am I

You are more than a number of Failures

We Help The Incarcerated Answer These Questions

What Is Special About Me?  Who Is JESUS? 
Why Do I Exist? Will JESUS Talk to Me?

 How Do I Know My Design?   Who Am I?

Why Me?    Am I Worthless? Can I Be Great?

broken glass with sharp Pieces over black .jpg

Phase 2

We show you How To Live From The Power And Value Of Your Identity


Fortifying Identity & Shattering False Images                               Spoken Over The Incarcerated 

Our Innovative teachings are designed To fortify the identity of The Incarcerated 

Faith Genuis front cover_edited.jpg

Upcoming Events

Camille Gram
Correctional Institution

Wednesdays ( 6pm-7:30pm

Pastor Shane & Sylvia Richardson

Authors Of Marriage Is About Shoes


Pastor Hanes & Stefanie Stewart

Authors Of The Core Balance Experience 

Our Team

Want Us At Your Prison Or Organization?

We Will Come Wherever You Are

We Are Passionate About The  Incarcerated.

Identity Experience & Revival

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